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Sometimes a marriage relationship reaches the point at which one or both parties consider getting a divorce.  The decision to divorce is never an easy one, even if both spouses agree that divorce may be the only option. It can be fraught with emotion, especially if child custody is an issue. Just to make the decision to divorce requires consultation with an attorney to determine the rights and obligations of the respective parties, and that is when you should turn to Richard Anton.  He has represented parties in divorce and related family law litigation for over 35 years, and he brings a unique blend of experience, expertise, and maturity into the discussion. If the case requires trial or pretrial hearings, Richard Anton has the expertise to represent his client’s interests at an exceptional level, as he is Board Certified in both Civil Trial Law and Consumer & Commercial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. If the parties are willing to make reasonable compromises to avoid the time and expense of trial, Richard Anton can represent his client’s interests in mediation or negotiation to reach a conclusion that satisfies his client without sacrificing any rights.

Sometimes an adult couple, including those of the same sex, may not be married even though they may have children together, either born or adopted. Sometimes a parent will seek a court order determining paternity of a child born to the parties, either contested or agreed. In those cases the parties will have to sever the relationship by what is known as a Suit Affecting Parent Child Relationship, or SAPCR. A SAPCR will include all of the same issues as appear in a divorce, except the division of property. Richard Anton can represent parties in these cases as well.  In situations where one of the spouses or members of a relationship is not the parent of the children, Richard Anton can represent the parents in adoption actions to complete the family unit.

In addition to the ending of the marital relationship, a divorce also involves other important issues and people. Spouses have to deal with child custody, visitation, child support, and division of property. As a family man himself, married for over 43 years, Richard Anton is sensitive to those concerns as they affect the children as well as the spouses. He can advise his client as to the most likely outcome if a case must go to trial, and he can protect the interests of his clients while still being cognizant of the best interests of the children involved.

Even after a final divorce, circumstances may change that require additional court proceedings. A parent who is paying child support may have substantially increased earnings that would justify an increase in child support. A parent may have issues that may put the children at risk, such as use of controlled substances or excessive alcohol, or a parent may become involved with a third party who is a potential danger to the children. In these situations and others, Richard Anton can represent a client in a petition to modify the terms of the divorce, or child custody arrangements, or he can defend a client against an attempt by the other parent to modify the terms when they should not be. He brings the same skills and experience to modification proceedings as he does to original proceedings for divorce.

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Richard Anton can assist a family in other areas besides divorce. He can prepare an estate plan that includes wills, powers of attorney, directives to physicians, and other documents that protect the parties and their property after the death of one or both. After someone dies, Richard Anton can assist the survivors with whatever probate proceedings might be necessary, whether or not the deceased member left a will. If a dispute arises with respect to the estate of a deceased person, Richard Anton can represent interested parties with any law suits that might arise in probate court.

Finally even if he cannot assist you directly, Richard Anton has a wide network of contacts within the legal profession, both in Texas and throughout the nation, and he can help you find the right attorney for your legal problems.

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